The next time you have a party, take a picture of each person just as they enter the door. Then, take a picture of each person as they exit. Send each guest both of their pictures. Let them figure out which one is their entrance and which one is their exit.

Document everything (and I mean everything -- even those vending machine snacks) that you eat for a week. Create an online slide show out of the photographs -- your own personal horror movie).

At an event or gathering or party, put your camera in a fixed position. Set it to auto-timer. Walk over every once in a while and click the button.

Photograph a crying baby.

Plant a tree in your backyard. Document its growth with your camera. Be sure to date all of the photos.

Set your camera up in a field or park, a place where you have distance to run. Set it to auto-timer. Click the button and run as far away from the camera as you can before it takes the picture.

Photograph your superstitions.

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