Take a walk with your camera, and attempt to document the entire path that you traverse in a series of photographs. Use the reach of the camera's lens to capture the long, straight stretches, and remember to snap pictures of the new views at each turn. Once the pictures are developed, you should be able to lay them out along the floor and see the entire path of your journey.

Get a group of people together in a room. Turn out all the lights with the understanding that a camera will be passed around and that each person should take a picture. The only time anyone will know where the camera is at any given moment is if they are actually holding it, or when the flash lights up the room.

Take pictures at an event -- a birthday party, a wedding, a big night out on the town with the intention of giving a set of the photos to a friend. But instead of mailing all of the pictures in one envelope, mail off each picture individually. That way, your friend will receive the nice surprise of a picture in each day's mail over the course of a few weeks.

Take pictures of every door you enter.

Go to your rooftop and take pictures of the view. Try it at sunrise, or at sunset, or just before the day lapses into night.

Document a regular day in your life -- the household in the morning, the place you buy your coffee before work, the goings on in your office, the lunch hour, getting home from work, preparing and eating dinner, the evening hours, getting ready for bed and just before the lights go out.

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